How Much Does It Cost And Ways To Save

When you get a chip or a scratch in your car’s paint, not only does it mar the car’s beauty, it also can lead to rust and other problems. Instead of allowing your car’s value to depreciate, you can get it fixed. The average cost of repairing a paint chip at a shop is around $400 to $1000 including all paint and labor costs. However, there are ways to save money on your paint repair.

Total Cost

As mentioned, a repair can cost between $400 and $1000 at a shop. The price depends on how much paint is needed, what kind of paint and how many hours of work. The paint itself can cost between $50 to $300 depending on your car’s make and model. A shop will also charge you more for the amount of paint used to repair big, deep scratches than small chips. For a major scratch, a shop may charge more than $500 in labor costs alone although if it is a smaller job, that cost may range from $150 to $200 instead. Once everything is totaled, the price is staggering, especially as you can save money through some smart shopping and repairing it yourself.

Clear Coat vs. Paint Coat

Sometimes the scratch or chip may not seem as bad as you think which will save you money if you repair it yourself with no painting required. Your car has many layers of paint, including a few top layers of clear coat. A scratch may just be on the top coat which does not require paint to repair. Before taking it into a shop to get your car painted, check to ensure that it is in fact a paint scratch. A body shop will charge you the same to fix a clear coat scratch as it will to fix a paint scratch at around $150 to $300, but they can easily be buffered or sanded out.You just need to use a good rubbing compound, a polisher and some elbow grease, and your car will look as good as new.

Do it Yourself

The best way to save money is to perform the repair yourself. Repairing a paint chip is a simple repair that can be done using touch up paint, a repair kit or a touch up pen. There are even spray paints you can use to touch up the area. Depending on the price you wish to pay and how much work you want to put into it, you can pay anywhere from $20 to $50. The spray paint or touch up pens will cost less, but you will get a better finish if you use one of the paint chip repair kits or touch up paint. Whatever you decide to purchase, if you comparison shop, you can save even more money. Look around online and at the major auto shop stores and see which kit costs the least while providing the best job.

If you do not trust yourself to do the repair or have the time, make sure to shop around for the best deal. You want to find the best deal, and get an accurate estimate upfront. See if you can provide the paint yourself and order it cheaper online or through a wholesaler. There are always ways for the savvy shopper to save and never be afraid to ask if you can think of a way that could help.


Car Scratch RemovePriceRatingManufacturerPrime
Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound - 15.2 oz.
2pcs Magic Fix It Pro Car Scratch Repair Remover Filler Sealer Pen

MAGICAL Fix Clear Car Scratch Repair Cloth Polish$5.0EXCOUPNo
Turtle Wax T-234KT Premium Grade Scratch Repair Kit$3.5Turtle WaxYes
Meguiar's G10307 ScratchX 2.0 - 7 oz.
Quixx 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit

$3.0Quixx Yes
Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

$2.8Nu Finish Yes
Formula 1 Scratch Out - Scratch Remover for All Auto Paint Finishes - 8 oz. Paste Wax
$3.2Formula 1 Yes